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The Summer Henge, Twa Corbies, and a Chisel

  There [is] a feeling of recognition, as of meeting an old friend, which comes to us all in the face of great artistic experiences. I had the same experience when I first heard an English folksong, when I first saw Michelangelo's Day and Night, when I suddenly came upon Stonehenge or had my first sight of New York City - the intuition that I had been there already. - Ralph Vaughan Williams, Composer I understand that these actions are an inevitable part of human ritual behaviour, of an impulse towards the sacred, but you are not listening to the land or its custodians. I am out here doing crow work in all weathers, and you may not like the result. - Peter Grey, 'Crow Work' I was reading Peter Grey of Scarlet Imprint’s ‘Crow Work’ blog post this morning- a beautifully written call to action, or perhaps, a call to accountability, in the ways we might interact with historical and natural sites- indeed public spheres- we interact with ritually. And past ritually, perhaps eve

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