eginnings. Both the Torah and the Quran begin with B- the second letter of many a mediterranean based alpha-betas. Within this letter seems a greater truth of possibility- an attainable and manifest possibility otherwise hidden in A/Aleph/Alif.

I woke this morning thinking about New Year’s Day- why is it so important? This secular calendar is celebrated so widely,  and the day represents more than just the single occurence, wrapped up in the package are the projections of an entire year- hopes, dreams, possiblities.

So each day of 2012 is contained in January 1st. And even more compactly, it seems the entire potential of the year is contained in the first minute and even second of the new year. The ball drops, and its 2012, a collective unit, all at once, like a lightning flash. Intriguing.

But if Janus looks one head to the past and one head to the future, what considers his current position? Where am I? Where is the eye/I? Eye have no idea. Eye Dios mio. Shut I. Basta ya.

“G-d is one but not in counting” (Kaballistic maxim)- this seems to resonate today. If the Unity of god is a true unity, then to call it ‘one’ detracts from that unity if we think of it as a quantitative number. Or, a sufic argument, if we call God “Lord”, then by definition, God must be Lord of something, and therefore hints at the existence of a God who is separate from those he is Lord of- thus the famous heresy “La ilaha ila ana”- there is no God but I. Easily not handled well. Man, monotheism is a brain squeeze. Or are we at monism already?

Back to B. So if the second letter, B, is the first letter of the book describing creation and the interaction of the Godhead with man, why? There’s so much written on this, rabbinic literature, sufic interpretations and even a Crowley essay or two on it.... But the small part of it I’m wrestling with today is that, like B- which, by its being not the first letter signals the rest of the letters of the hebrew aleph-bet- today, New Year’s Day, contains within it January 2nd-December 31st more than it does just January 1st. Potential.